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Leadsub International Trade Co., Limited
Nhà sản xuất tùy chỉnh
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Thứ tự xếp hạng5 phổ biến nhất trong Giáng Sinh & Cây Đồ Trang TríYears in industry(7)Competitive OEM factoryAnnual export US $1,324,094Total staff (42)
7YRSLeadsub International Trade Co., Limited
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Leadsub International Trade Co., Limited was established in 2016. We engaged in the production and sales of heat transfer equipment and consumables, including a full range of thermal transfer equipment and inks, sublimation paper, etc., and sell more than 3,000 types of sublimation heat transfer printing consumables in different material, including ceramic, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, slate, wood, textiles and so on. Our factory Yongshen Thermal Transfer Technology Co.Ltd., in Jiangxi Provice was established in 2003,producing and processing various Coated products, such as coated cups,plates,ceramic tiles,rock slates,glass cutting boards,bottle opener,lighters and other coated products.Served Conde,RPL,pro world,JDS,personal creations and other well-known companies in the heat transfer industry.Leadsub will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and good services according to high standards. Our factory has strong capabilities in production and developing products. We launch dozens of new products every year to meet the growing needs of the market.First, factory production capacity1.We have multiple factories for different products: There is a heat transfer equipment factory in Fujian,a factory that produces stainless steel cups and aluminum bottles in Yongkang City, Zhejiang. a textile processing factory in Guangzhou, an experienced factory that majored in producing ceramic cups in Zibo, Shandong, and a comprehensive factory in Jiangxi Province. Our workshops and warehouse cover the area of more than 30,000 square meters, and we have more than 10 production lines, more than 200 workers. We have strong production capacity. We can produce more than 1000 sets of heat transfer equipment, 30000 coated ceramic cups, 5000 coated stainless steel cups and aluminum bottles, 5000 T-shirts or other textiles, and more than 50000 other coated products every day. With strong production capacity and fast production efficiency, our orders can be completed and delivered on time soon.2. With advanced coating technology and raw material supply chain, our products can easily pass various tests such as FDA, CE, ROCH and other certifications. For the cups, plates, cutting boards and other types of kitchenware, our coatings also can pass the dish waching machine and microwave oven.3.Starting from controlling the supply of raw materials, we select products that meet the quality requirements through grading and other methods, so that the quality of each batch of our products can basically remain unchanged.4.Strictly control the production process to ensure that each batch of goods will not have serious coating defects,in case that it leads to the scrapping of the entire batch.5.The factory was verified by BSCI audit.Second, our R&D capabilities1.We have experienced and independent research and development capabilities, and launch dozens of new products with different materials every year to satisfy the daily increasing market needs.2. We can also develop new products according to customer's requirements, and help many customers develop more than 50 new products every year.3.We are keen on constantly innovating our coating technology , increasing the color, effect, and the touch-sense of the coating, making our product's variety more and more abundant.Third, our service.1.Different modes of transportation: Sea, Air, railway transpotation, whole cabinet servive, combined cabinet, small parcels Express Delivery and so on.2. Provide product labeling, box labeling, cargo pallet packaging and other services;3. Various quotation terms can be provided, such as EXW price, tax-included price, FOB, etc. 4. Improved after-sales service. Our technicians are on-line to assist our customers to find out how does the problem come out and we will give a good solution whenever the goods have any issues and problems. Once the mass production quality problems occur, we promise to make the corre
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Nhà sản xuất tùy chỉnh
Quốc gia / Khu vực
Guangdong, China
Sản phẩm chínhTổng số nhân viên
11 - 50 People
Tổng doanh thu hàng năm
Năm thành lập
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Đã Xác Minh
Coating machine
Roller coating machine
Roasting picture machine
Vacuum printing machine
Manual spraying line
Cleaning machine
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Thông Tin nhà máy

Quy mô nhà máy
5,000-10,000 square meters
Địa điểm nhà máy
Room 201, Building C, No. 11, Yinbian West Street, Helong Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
Số dây chuyền sản xuất
Above 10
Sản xuất theo hợp đồng
OEM Service Offered, Design Service Offered, Buyer Label Offered
Giá trị sản lượng hàng năm
US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million

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Đã Xác Minh
Sublimation Mugs
600,000 Pcs / Month
Sublimaiton Slates
300,000 Pcs / Month
Sublimation Tiles
150,000 Pcs / Month
Sublimation Ceramic Pendant
500,000 Pcs / Month
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Heat transfer oven line
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